Hello! I'm Kristin Kerr, a relationship, sex, and intimacy specialist with Best Connections Relationship Coaching. I help singles and couples thrive by creating healthy, energizing, and fulfilling relationships. Clients can expect me to bring a fearless, loving, insightful, motivating, say it like it is presence to the coaching session. I have always had a passion for personal growth and human relationships. For years, I studied how people interact in relationships, communicate, express love, fulfill needs, and handle stress. And, I studied how people can be more successful at all of these. It is now my blessing to be able to coach others to have the best connections of their lives.


Kristin achieved her Bachelor of Science in Biology, in 1992, and later completed Master’s level coursework in Marriage and Family Therapy. For many years, Kristin was Director of Training for a franchised learning center, as well as a consultant for SRA/McGraw Hill. She traveled the country conducting workshops and providing coaching for business owners and teachers in topics varying from keeping students on task and interested to marketing your business. Kristin stopped work in 2002 to begin her family. She now has a high school daughter and middle school son who have blessed her life with laughs, love, and learning. In 2015, Kristin became a Principal and General Manager at Topline Growth, LLC (a Sandler Training business). She enjoyed training and coaching others in sales and management. Kristin believes her true passion and skill is helping others lead fulfilling, joyful lives through relationships with others and goal achievement. In 2017, Kristin started Best Connections Relationship Coaching and achieved certification as a Professional Coach. Best Connections Relationship Coaching allows her to use her knowledge of human relationships, brain development, goal achievement, and intimate relationships, as well as her experience as a successful coach, to help others achieve the life of their dreams.